Enriva’s involvement first occurred when they were engaged to conduct an energy assessment of the site. From there it grew into a partnership with a client/consultant relationship focused on modernising plant, reducing energy consumption and ensuring the produce is grown sustainably with minimal carbon footprint.

It is not enough for this client to just be a leading supplier of fresh produce in New Zealand, they strive to ensure the crop's journey from seed to customer follows a sustainable path. Nelson’s climate and unique soils are key to the success of this business. Long sunshine hours, combined with a temperate climate and modern glasshouse facilities create a perfect environment for the year round growing of tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants.

Because this site has organically grown over several decades it contains 9 separate greenhouses which are heated by eight separate plants. The first major construction phase of this project saw full integration of the legacy plant to an implementation of centralised heat distribution, lower consumption, and modernisation to the point required for future connection to zero carbon energy sources. It was a huge undertaking with years of planning and construction. 15x 40’ shipping containers full of materials were delivered to site and assembled according to the master design. The property was carved up from end to end to allow the placement of underground transport mains and the site management learned many languages as they handled expert tradesmen from around the globe. However this story doesn’t end here. This business continues develop as the use of technology has been a cornerstone of the company from the early years to the present day.

  • 2ML Heat Store - Front

  • 2ML Heat Store - Back

  • Distribution Manifold - Left

  • Distribution Manifold - Right

  • Transport Pumps

  • Control Panel

  • Program

  • Transport - Above Ground

  • Transport - Below Ground

  • Transport - Below Ground

  • Container Freight

  • Building Construction

  • Tank Foundation

  • Tank Foundation

  • Tank Construction

  • Tank Insulation

  • Manifold Construction